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Our Finishes

Zinc Plating:  Bright and Dichromate

The primary use of zinc plating is to protect metals from the effects of corrosion or rust.  Bright zinc has a silver colour with a blue-ish hue while Dichromate has a yellow/gold colour. They offer different levels of corrosion resistance and if needed we can offer advice as to what finish would better suit your application. We provide these finishes in Rack and Barrel plating.

Tin Plating:  Bright and Dull

Tin plating is used extensively to protect ferrous and nonferrous surfaces, it is a non-toxic, solderable, soft deposit metal. The advantages of tin plating are that it is highly corrosion resistant, is a good electrical conductor, is soft and malleable, and is highly tarnish resistant.  Tin plating is recommended as a final finish on bus bars, electrical switchboards and fittings exposed to outside elements as protection from corrosion. We provide these finishes in Rack and Barrel Plating.

Industrial Silver

Silver Plating is a high performance cost alternative to gold. Silver plating provides the critical benefits of being the best natural electrical conductor as well high performance solderability for use in electrical distribution systems, switchboard manufacturing and electrical industries. In higher voltage applications, silver plating offers great performance even when oxides are present.